Aids in the hydration and re-moisturizing the whole mouth to combat extreme dry mouth symptoms.

With daily use and repeated application as needed, the unique proprietary natural essential oil complex help in coating and reducing excessive moisture loss, while the combination of natural sweetener xylitol, inner leaf aloe extract, vegetable derived glycerin, and natural green tea extract in addition to the other humectants deeply hydrate the oral tissue.

  • Kills germs that cause bad breath
  • Long lasting fresh breath
  • Gently whitens teeth without harsh chemicals
  • With baking soda, to actively neutralize acids & natural whitening action
  • Rich in minerals that help restore minerals on teeth
  • Xylitol, natural sweetener with beneficial minerals for the enamel
  • With zinc citrate to freshen breath & help reduce plaque
  • Natural mints & tea tree oil complex for a naturally cleansing action
  • Natural essential oils & aloe extracts to help in refreshing mouth and aid in reducing oral cavity bacteria naturally
  • Fortified with antioxidant natural vitamin E enhance gum and tissue health
  • Natural avocado oil, green tea extracts for a healthier mouth
  • No alcohol
  • No propylene glycols
  • No fluoride
  • No artificial sweeteners