Teaching kids in Mozambique, Africa how to remove plaque and keep their gums healthy

PLAQUE HD®, the innovative fluoridated toothpaste with TARGETOL TECHNOLOGY®, was chosen by Humble Smile Foundation to be the toothpaste of choice for its oral health promotion projects. PLAQUE HD® contains disclosing agents to color and identify plaque build-up on teeth, allowing the brusher to target any areas of plaque build-up that may have been missed during brushing. President of the Humble Smile Foundation, Dr. Darren Weiss states: “The aim of our outreach work is to instill healthy behavioral habits at a young age so that these healthy oral hygiene and nutritional habits will stick with them for life. PLAQUE HD® is the perfect product to coach underprivileged children who have never seen a dentist or held a toothbrush before. It’s easy for them to understand that they must brush all the stained plaque
away, and they will learn to brush effectively and for an adequate amount of time. Preventing oral disease for these kids is imperative because they have no access to dental treatment.”


Humble Smile Foundation promotes oral health initiatives in schools in those areas around the world where unmet needs are great. That means places where at least 8 out of ten children suffer from tooth decay, but have no way to treat the cavities in their teeth because dentistry is unavailable to them.

We at PLAQUE HD® are thrilled at the thought of our technology being used on the front lines, where the impact on oral disease and people’s lives will be immense. Poor oral
health not only results in cavities and gum disease, but also increases the risk of many systemic diseases such as cardiovascular disease and stroke.

It is a privilege being part of Humble Smile Foundation’s important work to help improve peoples’ oral health and overall well-being.

Our first collaboration with the Humble Smile Foundation will be on the Sunshine & Smiles project in Mozambique in September 2016, together with partners – Sunshine Approach Foundation and the International Association of Dental Students. PLAQUE HD® has donated 1300 tubes of PLAQUE HD® toothpaste to help school children in Matola and Manjacaze develop thorough tooth brushing habits as part of a comprehensive preventive program. We at PLAQUE HD® look forward to collaborating with Humble Smile Foundation on many projects in the future, both locally and abroad.