Teaches children healthy brushing habits

Making sure your kids are doing a great job of brushing their teeth just got much easier with Plaque HD®. Our toothpaste uses Targetol Technology® to highlight the plaque on teeth in a vibrant green, which means your kids will always know where to spend a little extra time with their toothbrush. No more hovering to make sure they are really brushing everywhere, because with Plaque HD®, it’s as simple as brushing until the green is gone!

Your dentist will be impressed with the great brushing habits your kids develop over time using Plaque HD® daily. Being able to see exactly where to tackle plaque on their teeth daily will ensure these habits are reinforced again and again. You can rest assured that because your child is using Plaque HD®, they are removing as much plaque as possible with each brushing.

Toothpaste from plants?
A key feature of Targetol Technology® is that it’s revolutionary coloring agent is derived from plant extracts and is certified gluten free. This means that your whole family can enjoy the healthy benefits of a clean mouth without the side effects of chemicals found in traditional plaque disclosing agents.

Created by dentists, for patients
Plaque HD® was initially developed in 2007 by a dentist who wanted to provide his patients’ with a more efficient way to clean harmful plaque from their teeth and gums. He was looking for an effective, at home solution for the whole family to create good habits between visits.

It was extremely important to ensure that he created an at home dental care solution that was truly safe for the whole family. It was imperative to find a way to replace the chemicals in traditional plaque disclosing agents with elements from nature. After 5 years of careful research and testing Plaque HD® toothpaste was born.

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Place a small amount of toothpaste on your toothbrush
  2. Brush normally
  3. Continue to look in the mirror as you are brushing, noting and ensuring that you remove all traces of green/teal color
  4. Once you have completed a thorough brushing and rinsing routine, the green/teal color will be brushed away and no longer be present
  5. Smile and feel confident you have done a great job brushing

Customer Testimonials

“I feel like it has changed the way my daughter brushes her teeth. The color definitely sticks out on the sections of her teeth where she needs to spend a little more time. The flavor is great and at the end of the day I feel confident that she will brush better seeing as she can now actually see the color that is left on here teeth where the plaque may be. She has already asked if she could try the Mint flavor. We will definitely become a repeat customer.”

Anthony L.

Verified Amazon Purchase

“We bought this toothpaste hoping it would encourage our kids to brush better and the results have been awesome! Not only did it identify places that they needed to brush better but they loved the taste and have been brushing longer. My wife and I tried it out and we both agreed; we wish we had found this toothpaste a long time ago!”

Martin F.

Verified Amazon Purchase

“I could not get my kids to brush their teeth. It was a fight every night. Not only does this toothpaste taste good, they love how it turns the plaque blue. Even my 17 year old likes it. I ordered bubble berry my kids are brushing 2 times a day and the blue is helping them see the plaque and brush it off. I love this stuff it’s well worth the price & it cleans off of the counters and sink easy. Whoever invented this is a genius! I will definitely but this again.”

Lesley A.

Verified Amazon Purchase

“As a mom who is very worried about food chemicals in food and products, I am fine with the ingredients in this toothpaste. The whole family loves this toothpaste, and I would not hesitate to buy this product again. There is nothing else like this on the market, I cannot understand why they have not thought of this sooner!”

Kelly L.

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