Target and Remove Harmful Plaque

TARGETOL TECHNOLOGY® contains disclosing agents that color plaque build-up on teeth allowing you to identify any harmful plaque that may have been missed with regular brushing.


Plaque HD® contains disclosing agents that turn a darker teal green to identify plaque build-up on teeth. This 1-step, easy-to-use formula fights cavities, freshens breath, and helps prevent gum disease.


This allows you to target any areas of plaque build-up that may have been missed during brushing to completely remove plaque from your teeth.
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“Plaque HD® has changed the dental health of thousands of patients and continues to lead the world in oral dentifrice and oral home health care.”

Randy M. Feldman DDS, Ms

Orthodontic Specialist

“Plaque HD® is completely a game changer”

Jacqueline Fulop-Goodling, DMD, PC

Orthodontic Specialist

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Plaque HD® Partners with Humble Smile Foundation

Teaching kids in Mozambique, Africa how to remove plaque and keep their gums healthy.

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