Target and Remove Harmful Plaque

Plaque HD® toothpaste uses Targetol Technology® to highlight the plaque on teeth in a vibrant green. Being able to see your plaque means you will always know where to spend a little extra time brushing. You can rest assured that you are removing as much plaque as possible with each brushing.


Plaque HD® contains disclosing agents that turn a darker teal green to identify plaque build-up on teeth. This 1-step, easy-to-use formula fights cavities, freshens breath, and helps prevent gum disease.


This allows you to target any areas of plaque build-up that may have been missed during brushing to completely remove plaque from your teeth.
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“It actually works! The hygienist has always criticized my teeth, telling me I need to floss more, need to brush in hard-to-reach places. For Pete’s sake, who has time to spend 30 minutes twice a day flossing, brushing and rinsing. My recent dental cleaning was truly pleasant and attribute that to this paste. Not only does it taste great, but it helps keep my teeth cleaner.”

Jery L.

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“This product far exceeded my expectations. After using Plaque HD® for a couple of days I have already noticed a reduction in the plaque it helped to identify. It continues to train you to focus on the areas you might be missing with other toothpastes. I also love the fresh mint taste it leaves in your mouth. The family has also begun to use the product so ordering more product is imminent. Thank you Plaque HD®!”

Inga V.

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“I must share with the world how AMAZING this toothpaste is! It shows where the plaque is and helps to remove plaque and stains on the teeth just by brushing it – how amazing is that ! I don’t need to use any other product to make my teeth and gums healthy – this toothpaste covers everything!
My kids love it too! I highly recommend this product!”

Sonia B.

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Plaque HD® Partners with Humble Smile Foundation

Plaque HD® has donated thousands of tubes of Plaque HD® toothpaste to help school children in Matola and Manjacaze develop thorough tooth brushing habits as part of a comprehensive preventive program.

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